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Prague, the city of hundred spires

Praha, Česko

It is considered by many people to be the most beautiful city in the world. Its historic center – a UNESCO world heritage site – contains countless sights dating back to the gothic period or even before, as well as modern architecture. The Prague castle, dating from the 9th century and the largest ancient castle in the world, is only one of many places you can explore.

The city offers all sorts of activities, from sights, visiting museums or cultural activities to enjoying great food, fancy cafés, or tasting some of the many brands of the world-famous Czech beer. The night life is very vibrant as well. Nature lovers shouldn’t miss out the Prague ZOO, its parks, gardens and preserves on the outskirts.

This is the city you will most likely fall in love with and keep returning to.

Our all-day tour takes you through the city center, showing the most important and well-known sights like the Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, the “small Eiffel Tower” of Petřín and the Prague Castle.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Prague Castle
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Old Town
  • Charles Bridge


UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock, Old Town, Charles Bridge






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