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Explore the Egyptian waters in Dahab

Dahab, Qesm Saint Katrin, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt

We offer daily diving services in Dahab. Explore the Blue Hole, the Canyon, Eel Garden, Napoleon Reef, Lighthouse, Golden Blocks and much more within one day of diving in the Red Sea.

The Blue Hole is one of only 3 ‘blue holes’ in the world, and Dahab’s most famous dive site, opening to the Red Sea through a 26-meter long tunnel known as the Arch.

In shallower areas along the reef you can see the rare Red Sea walkman, sea moths and garden eels.

Eel Garden takes its name from the countless garden eels that carpet the sea floor not far from the entry point of the dive. After walking over the reef plate to the entry spot which is a nine-meter canyon, it then broadens into a large sandy area that slopes down gradually.

After diving through a jutting reef that lies perpendicular to the main reef, the eels slowly come into view, waving to and fro in the current like synchronized swimmers who vanish back into the sand as you approach.

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