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Discover the hidden caves of Semuc Champey

Lanquín, Departamento Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

Explore one of the most hidden and unknown destinations in Guatemala, Semuc Champey. You will travel back in time as you arrive at the village of Lanquin in the Guatemaltecan mountains where light (and internet!) is at a premium. Fortunately, you will be guided by the shining stars in the clear nights.

Close to the village, you can uncover the Amazon-like fauna, basins and ancient limestone caves. As part of the tour, we will take you on foot in candlelight through the major cave which lies under the main river.

At the end of the tour you will be able to combine breathtaking views with the rush of adrenalin by rope jumping off the edge of the great waterfalls.

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Caves, River





5 hours


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