Autumn fairytale in Slovenian hills

Type of tour:
Family friendly, Food experience, Outdoor activities
Wine area, Beautiful walks
all day
Max no of participants:
Special price

Slovenian hills around the historic town of Maribor is a fairytale-like destination for all lovers of nature, autumn, and a good glass of wine. This whole region is sprinkled with hills, some rivers, and few beautiful lakes. The area is perfect for long walks, bicycle tours, and the visit to many local wine producers.

Our tour takes you through this whole region in one perfect day and consists of four main parts:

  • A visit to the world’s oldest grape plant
  • A visit to two beautiful lakes
  • A visit to three of the local wineries – wine tasting included in the price
  • Beautiful hike around the hilltops


Maribor, Administrative unit Maribor, Slovenia

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